Monday, September 15, 2008

My Mother

I wanted to post about my incredible Mother. The woman who has been there every step of the way for me. She has picked me up when I was about to give up with this whole process. There would be times when I would be challenged greatly with paperwork, or set backs with the Country closing, or other road blocks and she would encourage me with her words to continue to move forward. While we in the Ukraine she was our lifeline. We called her every day if it was possible and sometimes 2-3 times a day. She consoled us, counseled us, gave us ideas, researched for us, supported us and most importantly loved us. We depended on her daily, and she was always there for us, every hour of every day. I could not have made it through this without her. Although many of you have not had the pleasure of meeting my Mother she is an extremely bright, strong, independent woman who taught me that with perseverance and integrity one can always reach their goals. No matter how hard it is, never give up, find a way to make it happen. She is one whom believes in honesty and one who stands up for what she believes in. Her caring ways have reached thousands with her support of many organizations. She spent her whole career life, teaching, helping, taking care of special needs individuals, and making a huge impact on the lives of so many. I remember at her retirement party realizing the important role she played in making a huge difference in this world. I can only hope that one day I make half of the difference she has made. My mother is my dearest friend, a woman whom I admire and respect tremendously. She has been the greatest influence on the woman I have become today. I want to say thanks for being there every step of the way!
I love you Mom.


Mom W said...

A great tribute to your Mom setting an example for you to follow as you also are a great women and an inspiration to us all, along with my Son your Husband Jesse.

OneBallBoarder said...

I love you too Mom. I am one of the fortunate ones to know you. Your daughter takes after strong and giving and caring for others.

And Mom W. I am fortunate to know you as well...Jesse has always been such a huge part of my life. Your sons courage and strength shows the love you have given.

I'm glad you are both home safe and sound Jesse and Nicole.


kiska-o said...

Let's face it...Sunny rocks!


Cuz L said...

I totally agree

Love, Niece L xx

Anna said...

Both you Nicole and Sunny are beautiful amazing woman that I have the honor to know.


Anna B.

Brakmack said...

I'm sobbing at my desk. It's so nice to hear about the love you share with your mother. So sweet.

I'm glad you're home safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

When/if you feel like exercising Cindy and I are ready! We are starting the Glendale hills next week.


mom and dad said...
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mom and dad said...

THank you all for your wonderful comments. Of course I would do all I could to assist because I love my dear daughter and son-in-law.
May the future bring them happiness.
Mom, aka momma, mommashanes and Sunny

September 17, 2008 10:28 AM

YaLooBloo said...

Hi. I'm a friend of a friend of a friend of Nicole's and I've been following your blog and praying for you. We adopted 5 yrs ago from Novocherkassk Russia, near Ukraine. I know that children from our area (Rostov-on-Don) are still being adopted. When your hearts are less tired and bruised, if you would be interested in adopting a Russian child, let me know and I can give you some contacts. Of course it means more paperwork and waiting. Your story is inspirational and I would love to see you have a happy ending. Love will keep you going. God bless. Julie (

bird'smom said...

Girl, you're killing me. I can't help but go back to your site for more. I haven't cried this much in forever...I'm happy for you guys and sad for you guys but I KNOW this is not the end of the story for two little feet. I know you are two strong people to have made it this far.
I can't wait for the book....
I know there's a lot more to this story.....
Take your time and heal. BUT don't leave us hanging out here. We're all still in your corner and cheering.
Love you,
(Oh that Wendy)

Alli B. said...

Everything Nikki said is Dido on this end. You are the most amazing , kind loving Mom on this earth and your husband is not bad either.

I love you Mom

Alli B

Kimberly said...

I am so fortunate to know 2 AMAZING WOMEN~ Sunny & Nicole. I could only wish for a daughter like you, Nicole and for me to be a mother like Sunny.

You both are an inspiration to us all.

Much ♥

Kathryn said...

AMEN Sister!

The Dardennes said...

I just found your blog tonight as I was reading other's stories. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. We had something similar happen to us in July. It sounds like we even visited the same orphanage! The one we visited was in the same city and the experience was similar. Email me if you want to discuss or just talk about your experience.